We are an unincorporated association aiming to continue supporting autistic adults in Plymouth.


Autistic Adults in Plymouth took over the ‘Autism Hub’ in August 2019, following lack of funding. We wanted to continue a regular meeting place where adults were able to socialise in a calm and respected setting.

Solialising as an adult can often be very difficult and being autistic often makes this harder due to anxiety, communication difficulties and over bearing environments. A lot of members found this was their only time away from home to engage with other people.

We have chosen to run on an informal basis where members may spend their time with what they feel comfortable with – whether that be play a board game, draw, or simply people watch.

The Committee



Assistant Administrator:




Facts about AAP

  • All committee members are volunteers including the chairperson
  • We have no external funding, therefore we currently fund our venue fees purely from our members’ donations
  • All resources supplied in group (games, crafts etc.) have been donated by either our committee or participating members
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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please remember if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, do not attend the group for two weeks.