Q1. How long have you been attending AAP (including duration of Autism Hub)?

Q2. How often do you attend (on average)?

Q3. I feel accepted, respected, safe and understood.

Q4. The surroundings are comfortable.

Q5. I enjoy the extra group outings.

Q6. The committee gives a good quality of service.

Q7. What do you enjoy the most about AAP?

Social get together
Feeling of acceptance and humour
Socialising and games
Meeting new people
Getting out and about
Doing new activities
Chilled out atmosphere

Q8. What concerns or worries do you have about AAP?

Not doing events as planned
Raising enough money to keep running
Low turnout from time to time

Q9. How could we improve AAP?

Organise more events
Arts and craft session
More activities

Q10. Other comments.

I love it

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please remember if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, do not attend the group for two weeks.